We assist our clients to plan and structure their affairs to allow for the
effective administration of their estates whilst protecting the interests of their heirs.
The cup can be seen to be half empty, or half full. At Renette Joubert Attorneys Inc we choose to be optimistic and to recognise that a person who is required to pay taxes is blessed for earning an income which is sufficient to make him/her liable for the payment of tax. Our approach to planning your affairs is based on the biblical principle of “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” We consider paying taxes the duty of all income earners but strive to plan and structure our clients’ affairs as tax-efficiently as possible.

By employing the discipline of structuring your affairs effectively from an early stage (before it gets too expensive to make changes to your financial situation) and by remaining up to date on any developments in the tax laws, one can effectively structure your estate to limit the ultimate tax payable by your estate to the minimum.

It is often necessary and in the best interest of a client to collaborate with investment and insurance brokers to ensure that a client’s assets are working efficiently for him/her and that their estate will have sufficient liquidity at their death to pay any amounts due at such time. As a result of our relationship with these experts, we are able to negotiate reasonable rates of compensation in respect of the services rendered by them.

As part of the estate planning process we are able to incorporate a clients’ wishes in a Will.



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